Our Story, Started with… a chef, food and love.

If you’re looking for authenticity, fineness and enjoyment in Lebanese food, “Mosaic” is the place where your search ends.A homey restaurant run by its co-owner and his wife who happened to be the restaurant’s head chef.

The story behind the restaurant’s name “Mosaic” arises from the famous Bekaa Valley of Lebanon. If you look at the valley from a height, you’ll notice immediately the beauty of its landscape, different colors of greenery in the valley resemble the image of mosaic tiles. On the other side, when the dining table at “Mosaic” is served to the customers,
the diversity and colorfulness of the dishes will carry you again to the middle of the valley and its fresh produce.

“Mosaic” is an award winning middle Eastern, Casual Dining and Business Lunch restaurant in Abu Dhabi. The dishes you will see on the menu goes beyond the classic Lebanese fare, it includes dishes from all parts of Lebanon, especially those rustic plates that are cooked in the distant villages.

With inclination to her passion of cooking, the head chef managed to relocate all her home-made recipes into the kitchen of “Mosaic”. The head chef cut open, “ I cook to the people visiting us at the restaurant the same way I cook at home to my family and friends with the same amount of attention and love”. In the kitchen they only
use fresh meat and chicken and never the frozen virgin. Moreover most of the vegetables, spices and nuts are brought fresh from Lebanon to enhance the flavors and to satisfy the customers’ longing for real Lebanese food in the UAE.

The menu at “Mosaic” is enormous starting from salads like their best seller “Quinoa Tabbouleh Salad”. Also many mouthwatering cold and hot Lebanese Mezza, such as their rich and creamy “Hommos” prepared with freshly boiled chickpeas. Their famous “Moutabbal Mosaic” prepared with roasted eggplants and tahini then topped with a garden of aromatic greens and ruby red pomegranate. Many more plates to highlight, for instance “Fatteh with eggplant” that admirable plate talks for itself, just imagine layers of fried eggplants soaked in tomato sauce and another layer of fried pita bread then a layer of garlic marinated yogurt topped with parsley and quenched with ghee and pine nuts. Besides their phenomenal “Kibbeh-bil-Laban” that is cooked inside hot yogurt. Furthermore the restaurant is well known for its barbecue selection produced in the restaurant’s private butchery. Not to forget their prominent juicy lemony lamb stuffed with vine leaves, which is served on the top of spiced rice and stuffed zucchini.

The culinary team at “Mosaic” love their job, they take notice of the tiny details during the food preparation process the thing that will serve the food experience as a whole. “I am passionate about Lebanese food, I enjoy cooking it and I love to listen to the people’s feedback when they say we loved everything about this dish, to me I don’t cook food I cook my memories and my dreams, that’s why people love my food because it is cooked with longing and admiration”, said the head chef at “Mosaic”.